It's Almost Christmas!

5:35:00 AM

Hi bloggers :)
Thursday, December 13th 2012 I celebrated Christmas Celebration at my school!
It was really fun and I danced ballet with my friends on that date.. haha
by the way, I love our ballet dress because it made us look like angels ^^

what do you think? cute dress right? :D

I've spent around 4 hours for searching the best costume for us at Mangga Dua so..thank you for Eunike Christine for your help :)
what do you think about the flower headband? Eunike's mom made it :3 big thanks!!
If you want to look the performance of my ballet dance.. you may look on my friend facebook account here

After I danced ballet.. I changed my dress into this dress:

Mango Dress, unbranded bracelet, sox gallery socks, vivienne westwood wedges

And here are some of my photos with my friends:

and of course with Chesile!! :D

by the way, during this holiday I will making more post for you and also tomorrow I will having a little project with chesile so make sure you subscribe Chesile on youtube!

Quote of the day:
You just need to believe in yourself. –Rex (Toy Story 2)

Bible Quote of the day:
Above all else, guard thy heart for it is the wellspring of life - Proverbs 4:23


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