Hot Summer

3:53:00 AM

Hey guys! Yeay!! I'm back with the outfit post just for you my readers :D
So.. this outfit is really match with Indonesia weather right now ._. The weather in Indonesia is super hot! It reach 47 Celcius in the afternoon... I can't stop sweating everyday -__-"

By the way.. I have an instagram account so follow my instagram: @evelyntirza ;D
And.. I just have one twitter account @velynlyn so the others are Fake! 

Do you like my short hair?? haha I cut it a few weeks ago.. what do you think?

What I wore?
  • Top,Shoes-Bought at Doota (Dongdaemun)
  • Belt-Topshop
  • Shorts-unbranded
  • Bag-Braun Buffel
  • Hat-unbranded

If you follow my instagram account.. please help me to click Like on my photo that I will post tonight because I will join Local Brand.co.id blogger contest! wish me luck!
Sorry but I must to study.. see you soon ;)

Quote of The Day:
Wish a little wish. Hope a simple hope. Dream a happy dream. –Pinocchio (Disney Hallmark)
Bible Quote of The Day:
When you are tempted, he will provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. -1Cor 10:13

GBU ;)

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