Dorothy Perkins Styling Competition

6:59:00 PM

Hey bloggers! I'm joining a competition called "Dorothy Perkins Styling Competition"
The competition challenges me to do mix and match one of the fashion items inspired by Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials. So, these are the ten of Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials fashion item:

I picked The Midi for my inspiration. Because, the midi skirt it's trend in this SS14.
It's not easy to mix and match the midi skirt. I need a long time to mix and match the clothes. Why? Because I never wear this kind of skirt before. I always wear skirt above the knee. So, it's a new challenge for me.
The Midi

Here it goes my first look inspired by Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials:

My first look concept is vintage, sweet, and romantic.I combined the midi skirt with a white top and a colourful necklace to make it more feminime. But don't forget to wear high heels to complete my look.So, this look suits for a formal occasion or for a date.

What I wore:

Uniqlo Necklace
Chlorine Clothe Midi Skirt
J.rep Top
Swatch Watch
La Diva Bracelet
Rotelli High Heels

For the second look, I combined the midi skirt with a gold necklace, a polkadot top, and stylish wedges to create a fun and bold look. The gold necklace and the midi skirt shows boldness and extraordinary look. This look suits for you who dare to be different.

What I wore:

Unbranded Necklace
J.Rep Top
Topshop belt
Uniqlo Bracelet
IwearUp Wedges

So, what would you prefer? The first look or the second look?
If you want to know more about this competition CLICK HERE


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