Just Dunk It!

12:21:00 AM

I'm comeback again,
now I wanna  share about my outfit today :D
here's the photo:

Top-Nike, Shorts-N.Y.L.A, Socks-Sox Gallery, Shoes-GOSH

Details of my shoes:
I make it messy so it's get boyish style

This one is my favorite photo today :D

This post tittle was from words of my Nike top that say's JUST DUNK IT. so yeah I made it into my post tittle. 

so you know what? two days ago, Indonesia (my country) had a Independence day!!(late, but it's better than never right?)  we had a freedom from 66 years ago and I proud of it! because we can maintain our country until this day! :) Happy Independence Day for my lovely country!!

quote of the day: I'm a street rat, remember, and there's a law. She's gotta marry a prince, she deserves it -Aladdin 

all photos in this post are taken by me do not copy without my permission just e-mail me if you want to copy my photos. My photos today taken by: my sister Nikon DSLR

thank's for visit my blog :)
see you later guys <3
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