Quick Photoshoot

4:14:00 AM

Hey Guys,
Yesterday I took a super quick photoshoot before go to church. Sorry if that's many blur photos because I took it from my blackberry. And I edited it on photoshop CS 3... so yeah just enjoy that hehe :P

Top-Gift, Necklace-GAUDI, Skirt-Zara, Sandals-Charles and Keith
I really love the top because it match with everything  that top was came from my best friends Cheryl Emmanuella. Big thanks for her :D

Yea I know, It's just 2 photos... my sister is so lazy to took photos from DSLR camera. but my cousin is a photographer and when Ramadhan Holiday I would like to go to beach, and my cousin must be there so maybe my sister and I will take some photos with him. So I can't wait for that holiday.

I think it's enough for today,.,
See you soon :D

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