It's Decimal

4:14:00 AM

Dear Bloggerest,
Do you know Decimal Shoes? a local brand from Indonesia?
Here's the detail:
Decimal established in 19 October 2009
Until 20 May 2011 Decimal already made more than 5000 pcs of handmade shoes for the customer
Fyi, Decimal make shoes only 7 days of work!
Decimal is the fastest and the cheapest for the handmade shoes seller.
Are you interested with decimal? just click here!

Now, Decimal is making a giveaway!
and I'm in to the giveaway
I want JASMINE shoes!

why I want Jasmine?
1.The colours for Jasmine wedges are match with everything
2.The style of Jasmine is really simple, chic, and eye catchy looks like my style
3.Jasmine has an unique design!
4.I want Jasmine because it's special for me ^^

So.. this post is about decimal!
Wish me luck for the giveaway :)
Thanks for reading and follow my blog
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