3:11:00 AM

Yesterday It's a great day for me.. My school had open house named Ketapang Fair.
I joined Modern Dance and Fashion Show on that day. But,the modern dance canceled because the other dancer is not ready yeah it's bad but we're gonna show on class meeting.
For the fashion show, I make up myself at school because the time is too short. I can't do make up so my friends help me but for me the make up is to horor for me.
 So, I erase the make up and I tried to make up myself and tadaa:

Dress-Yume Shop Hat-Lolypop Shop Shoes-Pretty FIT

the Fashion Show succeed! I'm not the one of the winner but it's fun to join the fashion show :) yea.. this is my first time experience so it's learnt much for me :)

*thank you for my friends that take my photos during the fashion show :D love all your photos guys

btw..I already had sunglasses from proopticals and I will post my next outfit with their glasses. Maybe this enough thanks for reading my blog 

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