Red Princess

11:01:00 PM

This outfit is what I wore today. And all the photos are taken by my sister again. So, please enjoy reading my blog

Headband-Phoebe & Chloe, Top-Zara Trafaluc, Skirt-Gowigasa, Glasses-Proopticals, Necklace-gifted, shoes-Next

My glasses sposored by new sponsor Proopticals. They sent me two glasses and I love it so much.
Next week, there's a lot of test I must do. So, maybe I can't update my blog post for a while and focus to the text on next week. Yea just wish me luck for the test to get the best score! :)
Do you know that's the necklace I wore today is from my best friends forever Eunike Christine and she bought the necklace for 3 of us. We are Cheryl Emmanuella, me, and Eunike Christine. Or the necklace I named Best Friends Forever Necklace. yea, hope our best friends forever never last!
Sorry if I don't update the post reguraly because I'm so busy and I'm at Junior High School so yeah -_-" the time I went to school is much than holiday but we must enjoy the school time right?
so busy and lazy blogger hehe,,
by the way next month is already christmast! I can't wait for the christmast carol :D

Here's a little photo that I took when my hair in back. A little silly but, I love this photo hehe..

 this snapshot is an accident when I looked at back and my sister capture it so tadaa the photo is great anyway :)

Proopticals glasses great right? the style is edgy and the glasses fit to me go shop at proopticals!

Quote of the day:
 Two hopeful hearts, two lands apart, together there's no end to what our dream can start. -Pocahontas

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