Hippie Gone Mad Giveaway by Cindy Karmoko

12:00:00 AM

This giveaway really make me full of happiness!! If you win this giveaway you just win the VERSACE for H&M tee. fyi, the versace x h&m for man were sold within 10 minutes in Washington DC, and the giveaway tee were sold within 2 hours in Milan! really awsome right?

Why I want this tee?
Because the animal print is really cool and the colours of the tee is my favorite and really bold! I try to the best for this giveaway because I'm not yet won on the other giveaway u,u so I hope I can win this time

you know what? Animal Printed outfit will be a trend next month or it can be now? hehe
So if you want to join this giveaway just click:
and there's 1 entry (must) and 2 extra entries for join this giveaway

by the way, maybe tomorrow I can't post my outfit post to this blog because next week (Monday 28th November - Tuesday 6 December 2011) I will have last test for 1st semester so I must study hard and start fight! haha.. sorry for the grammar if it's not correct because I'm a student so I will study mor harder for my english :D
Just one of my favorite quotes today I wanna share I love this quotes so much!
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that's why its called the present -Pooh

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