Veren Lee x Lolypop Giveaway

1:40:00 AM

Dear Readers,
Do you know what is Lolypop Shop? Lolypop shop is an online shop that sells lots of good accessories for girls such as hairclips, hairbands, hats, brooches, bracelets, necklaces, and many more! And do you wanna know something special about Lolypop Shop? The stuffs are handmade!

Now, Veren Lee (fashion blogger from Indonesia) want to giveaway the Lolypop Product such as:

I want the Agate Hairband so much ^^

They made this giveaway for 3 persons as the winner and only Indonesian readers from Veren Lee blog!
and each winner will get 1 hairband and 2 ribbon corchet hair clips

Interested to join this giveaway?
just click HERE

by the way, my wardrobe already full so I will sell a secondhand clothes maybe who is interested? If there's many people interested I will sell it some and I think just for local readers (Indonesian only)

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