Happy December

8:35:00 PM

Yea.. I hope this december gonna be Happy one. But, I had the unpredictable momment this December. This day, I already had a report card from school and the result was very good and the average of my score is same like my best friends forever! aw.. feel like a soulmate ^^
But, yesterday my school had a christmas celebration.

And I'm in to the celebration (Ballet Dancer). So I must practice hard from November-December. But, just one thing that made me angry. There's someone that actually doesn't believe what I said! I've been practice Ballet for arround 6 years. So I know more than her about ballet. And yesterday, I'm waiting for her and she came 1 hours after I came! I told her before to came faster so we can practice again. So we can't practice again at school. And I told her too from hr house to make up and make the hair bun. She came to school with make up but she curly her hair -_-". I already told her right?

Then.. we changed our clothes into our costume. I told her again to make hair bun. And she said " alright alright just calm.. everything just gonna be fine". Okay I trusted it.
after that,, I went to the hall and looked the clebration started. And before us, there's some liturgy. After the liturgy was our dance! So I looked at them.. there's no one! I ran faster and I didn't wear my wedges. I saw her and other ballet dance at the toilet changed their clothes. And the girl what I said is making her bun -_-" . So I'm yelling her and my other friends to fast go on stage! So we ran to the stage and dance. Yea, the dance was great like we practice.

Just look! If there's no me on that day they can't be dance on stage! -_-"
have you ever met people like this? annoying yes!
She just made my day worst and not happy
But, my friends from other school came to the celebration that really made me super duper happy!
Yea,, there's someone said after the rainny day there's beautifull rainbow :)
Thanks for everything guys

Outfit Details:
My mom make up me! and yea she really talented ^^
For her that I tell on this post. If your read this post, I just want to say that I want to be your friend but please don't be rude to annyone ._. Like you hurt my best friends too. It just made me sad and sad. I don't want to make you hurt, I just want you to know what the other person feel. I hope you pay attention for this.

Quote of the day:
I can't forget about my heart and how it felt to fall for you right from the start. -Jasmine (The Return of Jafar)

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