Today is a Fairytale

5:12:00 AM

Hi readers!
Yesterday I went to my cousins sweet 17 birthday party! :)
yea, I saw soo many Senior High School students there.. but it was really fun..

I'm not trying to be Senior High School students,, but I'm trying to be myself! hehe..

So.. I also in for math competition at Sekolah Tiara Bangsa (ACS International School) yesterday
and I saw soo many Junior High School students there. So I got nervous -__-
Then, I saw the theater! it's really great! It's better than cinema 21 in Indonesia haha..
After that, I did the test but it's really dificult for my friends and I but, one of my friends is on Top 50 and he will do the test again next week! wow he's really lucky ._. he only answer at least 13 from 40 questions. But, I only answer 6 from 40 << fools -__-
by the way, Congratulation for him!
But, this is my first experience about math competition! I will do the best next time!

I'm wearing:

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Few of my bracellets collection ^^

Quotes of the day:
Ancetors, hear my plea, Help me not to make a fool of me and to not uproot my family tree. Keep my father standing tall.-Mulan

Bible Quotes of the Day:
Be a blessing to someone today -Prov 11:25

*NB: Tomorrow is Chinese New Year so Gong Xi Fat Choi! Xin Nian Kuai Le! (angpao na lai? haha)

Happy New year for all Chinese people in this world!

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