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Hello February

3:14:00 AM

Dear Readers,
firstly welcome to the second month in 2012 February! :)
what do you think about february? romantic? valentine? chocolate? share with me!
by the way, I really hate this february because at the first february I had a problem with my besties so yea made me really like an awful girl -_-"

Anyway, next week I must do soo many many many test in a week! and It's also really busy so today I glad I can took some pictures and share it to my blog :D 
What do you think with valentine day? my school always celebrate valentine day! and this year celebration we chance gift to people on the class. So, I picked the number and I got number 3 -_-" and it was a boy. I didn't know what I must to give but I must consult with my father cause my father is so looks like a teenager bzzz...

did you look at my hair? I cut my hair a month ago what do you think?

I'm wearing:
  • Gaudi-Outerwear
  • Buttonskirt- Skirt
  • unbranded-top
  • Charles & Keith- gladiator sandals
  • Phoebe &Chloe, Sister Boutique- Bracelets
  • unbranded- necklace
my pony blew up -__-
Another stories now, on Monday my school will had a ceremony and after the ceremony for those who had a white colour on those shoes must had a punishmennt. My shoes only the sole had the white colour but I must to change it. So, maybe I must bought a new one or I dare to get the punishment! and ofcourse my school had soo many many regulation! and most of it are books, what to wear, and also not to wear jacket/sweater at school cause they said jacket is for fashion not to go to school ._. sigh.. how about the rainy day? ofcourse it was really cold and we need jacket to make our body warm. silly regulation huh? Then, back to the shoes if we didn't change our shoes white colour into black we got the punishment and the punsihment is not wear shoes for 2 days! >_< also with the skirt for girls.. no short skirt but they will cut it when not changed their skirt on Monday is that silly? you make it more sexy -__-"

By the way, Dream high 2 already shown at KBS2 TV channel! but I don't have KBS 2 TV channel so I must wait until the DVD realeased at Indonesia u,u

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Fashion Quotes: Fashion isn't something that exist in dresses only. Fashion has to do with ideas. The way we life, what's happening.

Quote of the day: I have another home now, and someone who loves me.-Oliver (Oliver and Company)

Bible Quotes: For the Lord loves the just & will not forsake his faithful ones.-Psalm 37:28

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