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Hi Readers!
How was your holiday? Is it fun? :) I went to Bandung in this holiday I bought lot of clothes there (Bandung is a place to shop clothes on very cheeaaapp price! you must go there somtimes) 
By the way, I just got this lace dress on this post from Oasap last week and I forgot to took some photos with it. So yesterday I took some photos with Nikon DSLR (my sister camera) with self-timer and it was really really HARD! so these are some photos:

I'm Wearing:
Bowler Hat- Grinitty Shop
Dress- Oasap
Shoes- Wondershoe

So, my last holiday I went to Bandung with my family! but it was rain everyday at Bandung so -_- I can't took some photos arround the hotel because it was wet! I just took some photos for my sister because she likes the room but I didn't love it anyway because she took the photo with a messy room ._. And however, Finally I went to Paris Van Java (since last month I went there u.u) I bought stockings and dress there! I just founded new shop on Paris Van Java that Grand Oppening on that day! how lucky I am >.< my mom bought 3 pieces of top -__-" the total IDR 300rb and mine just one dress IDR 300rb u,u but I really love it so my mom bought it yey!!

By the way, Some photos on this post captured by using self timer because my sister can't took some photos for me (she must have some national exam on this April so I help her to reach the great score for 9th grade). Sorry for soo many unbeautifull photos -__-" I just run and run everytime I took photo most of all I got 30 photos with so many blur photos so yeah just got those perfect and nice photos for me .__.

Readers, I just featured on Sister Magazine website! thanks for your support so I can be featured there :) 
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And.. Have you already look at my dress? It was really vintage right? I just got it from my new sponsor Oasap!! I really in love with it! The pattern was really cute, vintage, and romantic >.< *seriously it must be white lace but the shine was yellow and it looks like begie lace dress -__-" sorry

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 Queentastic Closet Necklace! super duper cute!! ^^
Grinitty Shop bowler hat and Wondershoe shoes! perfect combination >.<

Bible Quote of the day:
The wise in heart are called discerning, and pleasant words promote instruction - Proverbs 16:21
Disney Quote of the day:
It is time to listen to your heart.-Grandmother Willow (Pocahontas II)
Fashion Quote of the day:
Just be yourself then you can mix and match your clothes as you want! remember Fashion is Experiment!-Evelyn Tirza

Anyway Happy Easter everyone! may Jesus bless you and your family always! :) and also Happy Birthdya to my besties Cheryl Emmanuella that having a birthday bash now!! whoa really fun!^^ 

*NB: my first giveaway will be host arround July because I will compared it with my birthday giveaway.. I wish I could make it sooner than July! so help me If you have an online shop that want to coorperate with me in this giveaway contact me: evelyntirza@yahoo.com thanks!

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