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Hi readers!
Today I want to share my outfit! >.< last holiday I didn't go anywhere because so many demonstration at Indonesia so I scared to go outside, so yeah I just watch Korea Drama and forgot to post on my blog -_- but so glad today I can post my outfit!

I'm wearing this outfit when I was go to Gandaria City today! :) I really really glad because there's no demonstration on my way went home/Gandaria City
I bought belt and flat shoes at Gandaria City today! they're really really cute >.<

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What you favorite K-Drama? Now I'm watching 49 Days (really sad K-Drama) please share with me! 
by the way, Is you the online shop that already sell Dream High 2 Drama please contact me! :D
Sorry for low quality photos (for me) because my sister Nikon DSLR lenses was broken so I used my Olympus DSLR

I'm wearing
Bennie: Lolypop Shop, Dress: Ryu Myu, Gladiator Sandals: Charles & Keith, Bracelets: gifted from my Mom

By the way,
I really love the dress because it's vintage and feminime! you must take a look they sell so many cute outfit!

Today was a really really fun day! because I can go shopping in this day :) 
I hate last holiday because I can't go anywhere except restaurant, course, cafe,etc. near my house but I still can't go to mall to search new white shoes! so I mostly bought outfit this week by online store >.<

By the way, I changed my backgrounds! what do you think? I just browse at google and saw this cute pattern so I grab it into my blog backgrounds

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