Forever Young

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Hi lovely readers,
Friday, 9th March 2012 my besties celebrate her birthday party and I was invited to go there so this are what I wore to her party:

I'm wearing:

  • Chic Simple polka top
  • Gowigasa red skirt
  • Zara sneakers
  • Gaudi necklace
  • mixed bracelets

took this photos before I went to Saint Cinnammon << my besties birthday party place

This photo taken by Christine Refina 
She's a great photographer anyway
I brought my DSLR camera there but the place was so dark and I must took the photos without blitz and yes it's so hard enough for me because I'm newbie -__-"

So here it is the birthday girl:

want to see the party?? check the next photos out:

Left Christine Refina,, Right Silvia Putri
I took this photo when they arrived at Saint Cinnammon

I took this photo with night options :) cool isn't it?

We took this photos before the boys arrived,,
yea, the cafe was noisy because we were gossip and read fashion magazine
(haha.. we're girls)

Not to late, Christabhel Aretha came!! yey!! we just wait for the boys and Cheryl Emmanuella
by the way, the left girl there is Gabriele Faustine :) she's so cute right?

 well I took this photo above and I really love that photos anyway hehe :)

 Johanna Regina, Eunike Christine sister :) was a photographer on that day

Itine Refina Malinda with the boys ( Nicholas Andrew and Joshua Arya )
Then finally the boys came, some of the boys was wet -__-" it's raining outside and the boys went there by motorcycle.. hmm.. I thought not enough years to go with motorcycle 
so, the boys go down stairs and order some food
then we waiting for foods by took this photos:

Left to right: Nicholas Andrew, Itine Refina, Joshua Arya, Deju Kevin
and finally the foods came!! yehey :D
we didn't got enough chair so some of the boys sat on floor (lesehan) -__- oh my, this is cafe anyway haha

 Oh my -_- nadhif (the boy with blue shirt)

Satya Weda.. really funny boy  perfect for hangout with friends

Dear teddy bear, I thought yesterday was so much fun!
I want to be forever young :)
teenage days is really fun! but so sad, Monday 12th March 2012 I'm having Mid semester test! so maybe i'm not update this blog in a week cause I'm focusing to study now,,
I will see you again readers next post!!
thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.. I will upload new outfit again soon
please pray for me to get best score on the test!! hehe

*my followers now reaching 80.. more followers until 100 more fast I can do the giveaway! haha
I'm just prepare the giveaway just for you readers! hoho

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