Chesile at Jessie J Concert!

12:05:00 AM

Hi Readers!!
I'm really really happy now! because yesterday, Chesile (my friends) and I went to PTC Jessie J together and we didn't pay anything (include tickets, food, transport, shirt, etc.) because we won Jessie J challenge!
By the way, Thanks for Pond's Teens that brought Jessie J to Jakarta!!
So here's some of photos:

I love this photo but I don't like my eyes -__-"

 Before we went to PTC Jessie J we prepare our clothes sponsored from Pond's Teens
and I braid my hair and Chesile hair :)

 Eunike and Silvia after hairdo and changed their clothes

By the way, the clothes wasn't look like on this post before. We got these clothes with no fringe details then we remade it by adding fringe on the T-Shirt and wore inner (tanktop) inside. And tadaaah it's DIY what do you think?

Cheryl and Silvia
I'm so glad that Cheryl was okay on that day! because before that day She had illness but now she's okay!

what I wear to PTCJessieJ?
  • DIY original Jessie J T-Shirt
  • Guess Jeans shorts
  • mixbrand bracellets
  • unbranded Peace Gloves
  • Zara Sneakers

very long story.. to the point! we arrived at JIExpo at 16.00PM and then we wait arround 30 minutes for took photos on wall of fame because we in for Photo Contest to win Jessie J original Topman shirt!! then we got the tickets from crew and we walked into the building

 After we arrived in the building, We sat on the lounge just for Chesile, 4 others gank, Pond's Teens crew, Press, etc. Wow.. That's really awesome we didn't need to queue to into the building and the lounge really comfy! and we also had a snacks and meal just for  free from Pond's Teens!! wow, can you believe that??
So, we ate outdoor from building because food can't enter into the building. We ate supper duper large hotdog and I really felt full!! Then we into the building and stand near the lounge..
The crew will announced who's gank that won to meet and greet Jessie J! and the crew said: Chesile and Trilousta!! Oh my,, We jumped up and yell loud!! We met Jessie J!! yeah..
But after they announced it, there's an editor with the photographer came to me and my friends and they said want to took our photos for freatured on their magazine!! yay we featured on magazine!!

Chesile and Trilousta :)

Then, we met with Jessie J!! She's really more beautifull than on the video and photos, Jessie J shook my hands and said that Chesile shirt really cool and she almost cried on stage because she said thank you for the fans that made her bracellets, shirts, gift, etc. aw.. she really looks cute right? :)
For the meet and greet photos.. I can't upload it now because the meet and greet photos not yet sent from Pond's so maybe it could be the next post :D
So these post, Is about Chesile before watching the concert so maybe the next post will be Jessie J on stage! so stay tune on my blog! 

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