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4:58:00 AM

Hey everyone! sorry for the very late post -__-" I had so much exams to do and I got stressed arround this month because the MID term will come!! Oh my :O can I get the good score? haha:D
by the way, I wore this outfit after I went to church,, well I'm so glad I can post oasap skirt that I got -arround 4 month ago -__-" haha bad blogger right? -__-v

What I Wore?

well I love this skirt from oasap so much because it's cute and easy to mix and match.. And also the colour is really soft! me super like it! want the same skirt? Click OASAP

hmm.. what do you think I much better with glases or without glasses? With wavy hair or straight hair? *too much ask >.<
Last holiday, I met Ci Claireta and Ci Vania unpredictable!! I was at MKG with my friend and we just met at Fashion Hub haha so lucky >.< wondering if we meet again with another famous fashion bloggers.. could it be?

NEWS NEWS... My mom and my dad bought me SMTOWN tickets!! yay!! It means I can see f(x) my favourite k-pop girlband on stage and Live!! :D but the bad is 2 days after the concert I will face the Mid term!! :"(

detail of skirt,top,and belt! ^^

And good news for fashion bloggers, friends, fashionista,etc.. is the first shopping portals in Indonesia!! It's really easy to find out the brands you want from shoes, clothing, accsessories, and so many more!! So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO SHOP!

Quote of the day:
Books take you places that you've never known. With books, you get carried away. –Owl
Bible Quote of the Day:
And the crooked shall be made straight, & the rough ways shall be made smooth. -Luke 3.5

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