I Need A Time Machine

6:32:00 AM

Itsumo yori sukoshi hiroi heya tada hitori
It’s over, guess it’s over
Futari de tsukuri ageta sutori mo munashiku
Konnani kantan ni kuzurete shimau nante
One mistake, got a one regret
Dare mo kanpeki jyanaitte
Sou ii kikasetemitemo
Nani o shitemo kizu wa iyasenakute

Time Machine ni norikonde
Anata ni ai ni iku koto ga dekita nara
 Mou nanimo negawanai
Hakakute tooi kioku ni naru mae ni
 I need a time machine oh
 I need a time machine oh

hey everyone! so that's song of the day! SNSD-Time Machine :D it's really great songs :') If I can, I want to go back again to the past so I can fix the wrong that I did before..btw I already finished my mid semester test    last week and I had this photoshoot on last sunday but I didn't post it yet because I had so many homeworks to do!! :( but it's okay! I'm posting right now! :D

So.. What I wear?
Sweater- Colorbox
Shorts- Cosco
Necklace- LoveDiva
Shoes-bought at Dongdaemun (Korea)
Bag- Braun Buffel, gifted by my mom! >.<
Belt- unbranded


Do you love the polka shorts? I love it so much :D I had same pattern but different colour haha

Details of the necklace :D

Love my mom's bag so much! :D

I thought that's enough for today :D
Oh by the way.. My bestie have a blog called Silvia Phang's blog, I love her blog so much please visit her here: she's so friendly person to know!!
Hope you like her blog she share her inspiration and what's on her mind! kindly take a look ;)

Quote of the day:
They say that "Home is where the heart is", so follow your heart and know that you can't go wrong. –The Tigger Movie

Bible Quote of the day:
“Everything is possible for him who believes.” Mark 9:23


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