Princess Denim

4:45:00 AM

Uh come on yeah

Naega nal ddeonal georan jikgami wa (Don't give up)
Jakkuman ireon jeoreon pinggyaedeulman (Don't give up)
Neukkimi dallatdeon ssaneulhan Bye Bye (Don't give up)
Nan bonael su eobseo (Because I love you)

Narul saranghanda hal ddaen eonjego ijae waseo Why you say goodbye
Idaero bonael sun eobseo (because I love you)

Iyuh anin iyuro
Narul ddeonagaryeo hajima

Please don't go go go jebal ddeonakajima
Hanbeonmanirado nal dorabwajullae
Please don't go go go seulpeun insanun shireo
Neol saranghanikka dashi dorawa

Step by step one two three Dipdi daridu
Gingin shigandeuri neorul jiweogagettjiman
Step by step one two three Dipdi daridu
Nan haru haruga gotongilgeoya

Okay... Hi again readers! that was CNBLUE-Intuition lyrics! I really love CNBLUE and of course yonghwa and minhyuk are so handsome :O (ups) haha... by the way, Today I wore Denim shirt that I bought one week ago.. And I also wore Dhievine headcrown that really cute and adoreable! >.<
So here's the further information about my outfit:

  • Top: Gowigasa 
  • Denim Shirt: Pull & Bear
  • Bracelets: bling!
  • Floral headcrown: Say Dhievine 
  • Necklace: unbranded
  • Shoes: Bought at Dongdaemun (Korea)

by the way... 
Happy Bloggers Day
for all bloggers out there!!

I'm so speechless right now.. but here's the details of my outfit today:

owl necklace ^^

Pretty Headcrown^^ 

Quote of the day:
I'm just a little depressed. That's all. I can get through this. –Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

Bible quote of the day:
When you trust God to fulfill the promises He's given you, all the forces of darkness cannot stop God from bringing your dreams to pass.

That's for today! (wanna watch WGM yongseo :P) 

See you soon!

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