Blue Valentine's Day

11:21:00 PM

Nan yi wang ji chu ci jian ni
Yi shuang mi ren de yan jing
Zai wo nao hai li
Ni de shen ying
Hui san bu qu
Wo ni de shuang shou gan jue ni de wen rou
Zhen de you dian tou bu guo qi
Ni de tian zhen
Wo xiang zhen xi
Kan dao ni shou wei qu Wo hui shang xin Oh.

Zhi pa wo zi ji hui ai shang ni
Bu gan rang zi ji kao de tai jin
Pa wo mei shen me neng gou gei ni
Ai ni ye xu yao hen da de yong qi
Zhi pa wo zi ji hui ai shang ni
Ye xu you tian hui qing bu zi jin
Xiang nian zhi rang zi ji ku le zi ji
Ai shang ni shi wo qing fei de yi.

Hey bloggers!!! can you guess what song is it?? 
That's an old song from the famous Chinese drama that I love before K-Wave begin.
So what is it?? 
That's Qing Fei De Ying- Meteor Garden OST

Hearing meteor garden... hmm you must be thinking about this famous actor Dao Ming Si :3 
He's so handsome right? ^^
Okay, back to the outtfit... I wore this on the valentine's day but I can't post it last month because I always busy by school ._. so many homeworks, test, project, and so many more. That really make me crazy and stressful. My class is really genius -.- I never wonder why I must to enter my class right now because if the other class get 10-15 students for remedial (re-test), my class only get 1-2 for remedial (re-test). So that's crazy enough.

So, what I wore?
  • Claire's Headband (bought at Senayan City)
  • La Diva necklace
  • unbranded dress
  • (forgot the name) Shoes
  • Swatch watch 

Here's the details:

FYI, if you follow my twitter or instagram you must know about this.. I was featured on Wonder Teen Magazine March 2014 edition! :D you can buy it in the bookstore in your city :)

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Quote of the day:
Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. –Pooh

Bible quote of the day:
Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken. -Psalm 55:22

Enjor Your Beautiful Day!

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