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Hello bloggers!! 
I'm sorry for the delayed post.. This post must be posted on Febuary but I didn't have any chance to post this outfit on my blog because of school homeworks, weekly test so I'm really busy right now because I want to sit on science class at grade 11 (It means grade 2 on Senior High School) since I've loved to count something. 

What I wore on that day?
- unbranded spike headband
- Forever21 sweater
-H&M skirt
-(forgot the name) sneakers

Anyway, I was thinking about which university programme will I pick? I still confuse and I don't know what will I pick until now. Hmm.. I really interested in fashion design but my draw is really bad. And I was excited by the unwell known university programme called cosmetology. but I have an interest in interior design and chemical engineering. Well.. I think all teenagers sometimes think about what university programme they gonna pick. 

My besties said that she want to be with me in Singapore aftergraduate from Senior High School and pick the same Fashion Collage then lived in the same appartment. I think this idea is great but It's lonely when we lived without parents and I'm gonna miss my parents so much so I will think it again and again. By the way, have you heard La Salle Open House on 22nd March 2014? I'm gonna be there with my besties on that day if I wasn't have any homeworks to do or dance practices.

Here's the outfit details:

And for the next post I will post about my valentine's day outfit with a little story about one of the famous designers that I super duper love! so keep in touch on my blog! 
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Quote of the day:
When we work together, things are always better. –Pooh

Bible Quote of the day:
Knock, & the door will be opened. -Luke 11.9

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