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Hi Readers!
Well.. a few days ago,
I took  photoshoot with my friends at my house and park!
This photoshoot just for fun and ofcourse for Pond's Make It Happen Challenge :)
I told you that I'm in at Pond's Make it Happen right?
so, these are few of the photos:

This is my favorite photo of indoor photoshoot :) Chesile really look eye catchy!

 This photo above is my favorite photos on this shoot :)

Chesile members are:

 In this photo I'm wearing:
LM for Hardware pink dress
Gaudi stripe outerwear
bling! bracelets
N.y.L.a Belt
Grinitty Shop Bowler Hat
Michelle CLa pink wedges

  •  Evelyn Tirza
    She is the Sweet Girl.. She really loves fashion and passion, Leader of Chesile and not trying to be someone.. Shy, and love to meet someone on her blogging world. Called Fashionista by her friends..

  •  Silvia Putri Pangestu
    She is the Cheerfull Princess... She cheers soo many girls and guys on school, she really great on sport, and she also basketball lovers. She is like a star on what she wear.. Her step is her runway

  •  Eunike Christine
    She is the Miss Unique.. Sometimes she sad, happy, and cheer up each others.. She loves vintage. She really different with another girls on this world cause she really unique.

  • Cheryl Emmanuella
    She is the smart styler girl! She really confident with what she wear and also smart on Inteligence! psst.. She is the rank 1 student in my school :O
So almost Chesile members wear my clothes, shoes, and hats.. because we just ant to made that photoshoot perfect and match with each other clothes! :)

For complete Jessie J Challenge from pond's make it happen we must to took a photo look like Jessie J cover album! and here it is! *tadaaa
I look worst in this photos! argh... I can't be like Jessie J anyway.. Just the way I am right? hehe
Fyi, Chesile made first video on that day! :)
We lipsync price tag song from Jessie J.. (I thought the song is really cool)
So, I hope this video can make you smile always :D


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Photograph by: Servo Photography

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