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I Got A Boy-SNSD

Ayo! GG!
Yeah Yeah shijakhae bolkka?
Omo! Yaejom bwara yae
Museun iri isseot gillae meoril jallat dae? Uh?

Omo! Tto yaejom borago!
Meori buteo balkkeut kkaji seutaili bakkwo eosseo
Wae geuraet dae?
Gung geumhae jukget ne
Wae geuraet dae?
Malhae bwabwa jom

Ha Ha! Hey, let me introduce myself!
Here comes trouble! Whoo! Ttarahae!
Oh Oh Eh Oh (Eh Eh Eh Eh)
Oh Oh Eh Oh (Oh Oh Oh Oh)
Neo jal nasseo jeongmal!

Jiga mwonde? Utgyeo, neomu kotdae
Sengeo ani? Na bogo pyongbeom hadanda yae
Oh~  Geu namja wanjeon mame deureot na bwa!
Maldo andwae! Maldo andwae!

Neomu yeppeo jigo sexy hae jyeosseo
Geu namja ttaemun iji?
Mureo bol ppeon haetda nikka? Neo bakkun
Hwajang pumi mwonji

Sashil na, cheoeum bwasseo
Sangcheo ibeun yasu gateun gipeun nun
Yaegi manhae do eojil haetda nikka?
Neo jal nasseo jeongmal! Jal nasseo jeongmal!
Oh!(Here comes trouble!)
Oh Oh Eh Oh  (Hey Girl, Listen!)
Oh Oh Eh Oh
Neo jalnat da jeongmal! [SeoHyun] (Neo jal nasseo)
Oh Oh Eh Oh  (Oh Oh Eh Oh, Hey)
Oh Oh Eh Oh (Na na na na, Hey!)
Neo jal nasseo jeongmal!

Ayo! Stop!
Let me put it down another way.
[All] I got a boy meotjin!
I got a boy chakhan!
I got a boy, handsome boy
Naemam da gajyeo gan
I got a boy meotjin! (Ha ha ha!)
I got a boy chakhan! (Yeah!)
I got a boy, awesome boy
Wanjeon banhaet na bwa

Hey readers!! How's your day? I'm really happy today because I did photoshoot and I could post it on my blog. So, this is my first post on 2013 right? oh yeah I forgot to say Happy New Year (it's too late u,u) 
Anyway.. I love Girls Generation I Got A Boy MV!! They're super cool and their outfits are so adoreable!!

I'm so sorry for the readers that waiting for my post for a long time... I can't post regularly again because I must to prepare my final exam to be graduated with good score.. yeah I really looking for a good score (I want to study hard) so I'm sorry :( but I promise I will post if I have many free times

What I wore?

sigh... what do you think if everyday is full of exam, homeworks, study, etc.? Those made me stressed out!! aaa.. please I need more refreshing time -___-"
FYI, I major love the spiked cap from Natty Fashion Shop that's the one of the coolest cap I ever had! :D

By the way.. Who will come to Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2013? I wish I can go there because I missed Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 before -__-" and I hope I can see some of fashion bloggers there ^^

Gowigasa top detail

back detail (love the back)

Natty Fashion Shop Spiked Cap! (it's only IDR 100 grab yours now!)

Quote of the day:
Everything will be alright, because in a Prince's arm, I've found a love I can't deny. -Cinderella (Cinderella 3)

Bible Quote of the day:
Anyone who does not do what is right is not a child of God; nor is anyone who does not love his brother. -1 John 3:10

GBU :3

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