Advertise your shop on my blog! partnership!

sponsorship offers:
1.Giving sponsored products to be posted on the blog
I only accept:
 ♥Fashion Items (clothes,shoes,accessories) that I will mix and match and post it to my blog with the labels of your store name and enter the link of your website
Gadgets and cosmetics I will review for the products and recommend your products on my blog
Must to remember: all of your stuff that you sent to me cannot be returned

2. Putting your store logos on my blog sidebar
the sidebar options available size small, medium, and large just e-mail me for the further information

3. I will make giveaway with your products :)

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This blog also has some features on magazines/ websites.. I hope you can help me to feature it more!

please contact me at evelyntirza@yahoo.com for further information ♥