Fantastic Korea- Day 1

6:38:00 AM

Hey everyone! yeah.. I went to Korea this holiday~ I met so much friends at the tour and many more fun experience! hehe.. If you add my facebook, I uploaded my photos there when I was at Korea,, kindly take a look here:
arrived at Incheon Airport! :D really cool airport and also clean
Then I met cute tour guide from Korea! (Peter Bae, Jackie, and Chan) 
what I wore?
Top- Retail Therapy
Necklace- Love Diva
Bracelet- Bling!

well... Welcome to Korea!! haha..

Gyeongbok Palace and National Folk Museum of Korea

with my family :)
then,. here it is National Folk Museum of Korea:
Children Hanbok! :)

after that... Gyeongbok Palace! (The Moon Embraces the sun shooting place!)
(wondering Kim Soo Hyun sitting on the sofa)

with my sist :)
after visited Gyeongbok Palace.. We ate Samgetang! :D
hmm,, for Indonesian people maybe dislike it because it didn't have taste.. so you must to add pepper or salt but I like it haha! :P (pssttt.. It was chicken soup)
after ate Samgetang.. we went to Gimpo domestic airport for filght to Jeju Island!
after an hour slept at the plane (psst) we went to Dragon Head Rock

Did you see the dragon head? :P
after that,, we went to Mysterious Road so you saw the road go down but in fact the road go up and then you saw the road go up but in fact the road go down yeah it was such an eyes illusion ;) but it was useless to took a photo because you would never believe it if you don't go there :D haha
then we went to Love Land but poor me -__- I couldn't in because I was under 18th years old.. So I waited my mom and dad in the bus and played Ipad with my sist :P.. Then,, we went to ate (forgot the name) and went to Jeju Hanhwa hotel to took a rest..

Soo here's my first day at Korea! wait for my new post for more experience at Korea!
by the way it's almost 13th July 2012 it means I'm getting old -__- on 13th July I turned 14th years old! hahaa.. (old? wkwk)

Quote of the day:
Love is the reason why the first time ever we're seeing it eye to eye.-Powerline (A Goofy Movie)

NB: sorry for bad english! x_x

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