Girl Behind SPG

Sweet Peppermint Blog created by Evelyn Tirza
She's born on July 1998 She just a little girl that grew up in a small town in Indonesia 
She really likes fashion, cute things, and photography
She has a dream to be a Designer in France, but she can't draw well
So, she just want to share what she wore to make all people that came to her blog being a fashionista 
She loves her friends and ofcourse her special gank on her school Chesile

and here's the photos of her and chesile:

The Biography

Sweet Peppermint Blog created on July 2010 but she didn't post any outfit because she was busy for her national exam

While she created Sweet Peppermint Girl blog, she was celebrate 12th birthday party and prepared to celebrate her graduation from elementary school
But now, she is focusing on study and blogging!

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