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Hey bloggers! How's your holiday? I spent two nights at GH UNIVERSAL, Bandung, West Java with my family and my friends. It was so fun! I swam there with my besties (it was really cold!), had breakfast together, and talked so many topics. But, the street was so crowded... so I couldn't go everywhere. Gladly, I had a time to shopping at Rumah Mode and went to Lembang Floating Market. 

I'm so busy with my school project now because the new curriculum wants us to be proactive students which is really hard that students must to search the learning materials by themselves and the teacher only be a facilitator. So, I bought so many books as my reference. I'm so tired with this curriculum.. But I can't do anything to change it.. so I will follow this curriculum full of happiness! haha

What I wore:
La Diva - necklace, bracelet
Guess-bag and watch
Topshop-Juju heels

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The details:

Thank you mom and dad for this beautiful birthday present!

Okay guys, I must to finish my school project now.. See you on the next post!

Quote of the day:
Fashions fade, Style is eternal -Yves Saint Laurent

Bible Quote:
Serve one another in love -Galatians 5:13

Here's Red Velvet (new idol group) - Happiness MV

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